Rental Terms

Spring 2023 Textbook Rental Check-in Deadline

Wednesday, May 17, 2023 for All Campus Stores

Textbook/Course Material Rental Agreement

  • I understand that the material I am renting is property of the University of Minnesota Bookstore. I am responsible for keeping the book/material in a usable condition for the duration of my rental period, including any accompanying parts (i.e. solutions manual, CDs, etc).
  • I will assess the condition of the book/material upon receiving it to ensure it does not have any damage (water stains, wear and tear, excessive highlighting/writing) or it is in a condition that is acceptable to me. I have 7 days from the date of receiving the book/material to report any found damage, by using Contact Us and selecting my campus store (Twin Cities students select “Textbook Rental & Buyback").
  • I understand that if I would like to return the rental item for a full refund, I must do so within the return policy for course materials for the term (i.e. the first week of classes). Any book/material rented after that date will be considered final and rental fees will be non-refundable.

End of Semester Procedure

  • If I decide to keep the book/material I rented, I must reach out using Contact Us to coordinate how to pay the buy-out fee*.
  • If I damage or lose the rental item, I must reach out using Contact Us to coordinate how to pay the buy-out fee*.
  • Otherwise, I must return the book/material to the Bookstore by the rental check-in deadline above, and it must be in a usable condition, without water damage, excessive wear and tear or highlighting/writing. The Bookstore reserves the right to reevaluate the condition of the rental item within 30 days of the check-in deadline.
  • I authorize the Bookstores to charge my student account the replacement fee** if I do not return it by the rental check-in deadline mentioned above. I am responsible to pay for any additional fees caused by this charge.

*The buy-out fee is the difference between the original rental fee and the cost of purchasing the same title.
**The replacement fee is the amount to purchase another copy at the condition you originally rented.