How does renting textbooks work?

We offer textbook rentals as a cost-effective option for course materials that you only need or want for a single semester. Not every textbook is rentable - these factors are determined by the book itself, as well as instructor input and research by our Textbook Buying Office.

Any textbook that is available as a rental will have a "Rent New" and "Rent Used" price listed on our website. When you are shopping for books online, you will be able to select a rental price for any available textbooks, sign in with your University Internet ID and password, and read through and agree to a rental contract before completing your purchase.

All rental textbooks come with a sticker on the back listing the rental return deadline, as well as contact information for our Textbook Rental Team, and some common types of damage to look out for (to make sure that your rental books are not damaged, double-check them when you first rent, and reach out to us if you find anything you suspect to be damage).

Once you are done using your textbooks (typically after finals week), bring them back to the Bookstore with your UCard to check them in. We also accept rental returns via mail for online and distance students!

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