12 Questions For Love - Hardcover

12 Questions For Love

Adizes, Topaz & Sonya Renee Taylor

“Save yourself another round of heartbreak and breakups and read this first. Topaz condenses years of wisdom into 12 powerful questions that will give you the keys to unlock real, true, and profound love so you don’t have to keep searching (or suffering) in disconnected relationships.”
—Natalie Kuhn, spiritual teacher and co-CEO of The Class

Could one conversation improve your relationship forever?

We all crave connection. But sometimes we need help getting there. By having a conversation with your partner, guided by these thought-provoking questions, you’ll discover the strength in having mindful, meaningful conversations and unlock a deeper level of lasting intimacy.

Author Topaz Adizes invites you to bravely explore the heart of your relationship
through 12 carefully crafted questions drawn from thousands of candid conversations with real couples featured in his Emmy Award-winning documentary series {THE AND}.

In today’s fast-paced world, it is easier than ever to feel isolated, disconnected, and idling in surface-level relationships. Having observed a decade’s worth of extraordinary conversations unfold, Topaz explores the key to feeling closer, more secure, and more connected with your partner.

This essential, inclusive guide includes:
Powerful tools to create a safe, transformative space for connection
12 questions proven to nurture authentic intimacy, and examples from people who've been there
Strategies for staying connected in the midst of conflict
Confidence to craft better, stronger questions of your own (hint: you’ll get better answers)

Make every conversation count, and you’ll uncover the magic that awaits when you dare to be vulnerable, go deeper, and love like never before.