Be Relaxed And Color : Coloring Book - Paperback

Be Relaxed And Color : Coloring Book

Chartwell Books

This calming book offers more than 120 soothing and unique coloring templates for grown-ups looking for creative activities to help ease their minds.

With the chaos of the world and our screen-centered lives, it can be difficult to unwind and relax. Mindful activities like coloring have proven to be calming for adults who need a little me-time. Be Relaxed and Color features stunning pages made to soothe your mind as your worries float away.

With brand new templates showcasing peaceful and comforting images—soothing nature imagery, meditative designs, peaceful patterns—you’ll be able to channel your anxiety and stress and turn them into satisfying accomplishments.

Shut off your worries and color your way back to relaxation. Have some fun while putting your mind into a peaceful and serene state. Instead of looking at a screen when you need some time to relax, Be Relaxed and Color offers a creative, relaxing alternative.

Also available: Be Calm and Color and Be Stress-Free and Color.

Chartwell Coloring Books is the ultimate coloring book series, encompassing designs of every kind. From intriguing abstract patterns to beautiful pictures from the natural, technological, and fantasy worlds, each of these coloring books will soothe the mind and inspire the inner creative in anyone. With so many variations of complex, beautiful designs in each book, you’ll have plenty of pages to bring to life. Whether young or old, creative or not, this series has something for you.