The Color Bible - Paperback

The Color Bible

Perryman, Laura

This vibrant and prismatic exploration of 100 essential shades is an invaluable resource for designers, artists and content producers that will also delight nonprofessionals interested in learning about how color shapes our lives.

From ancient plant pigments that are revolutionizing contemporary fashion to new colors, such as the recently viral Millennial Pink, this wide-ranging deep dive into the world of color guides readers through the origins, connotations, specs, brand associations and artistic use of colors throughout history. Unfolding, like a rainbow, across the visible spectrum, the chapters are divided by basic color - from red to violet and including black and white - and introduced with engaging background information. Each chapter takes a closer look at a variety of specific shades in the color family, delving into cultural references that span fashion, art history, traditional and modern crafts, and product design. Readers will learn about woad - an ancient pigment that was employed by William Morris and has resurfaced in sustainable dyes - as well as the earliest known use of violet some 25,000 years ago. Each shade is accompanied by sidebars that offer technical specifications, mood connotations, and examples of its use in art and commerce. Informative and endlessly inspiring, this guide will be indispensable to anyone interested in how to use and combine colors in their life or work.