Dessert Cocktails: 40 Deliciously Indulgent Sweet Drinks - Hardcover

Dessert Cocktails: 40 Deliciously Indulgent Sweet Drinks

Smith, David T. & Rivers, Keli

Serve up any one of these 40 indulgent drinks as a stylish alternative to dessert, or a cocktail hour sweet treat. Enjoy your cocktails on the sweeter side? Or struggle to find room for dessert but fancy a little something to end your meal? Then try one of these deliciously indulgent recipes and satisfy your sweet tooth and cocktail craving at the same time. This book has options to suit all tastes, from chocolate, caramel, and coffee concoctions to fresh and fruity treats, as well as rich, silky, and creamy sippers. You will find classics such as the White Russian and Gin Alexander, which sit alongside fun new ideas, including the Colorado Bulldog, Hot Apple Crumble, and the Pink Squirrel. There are even indulgent soda fountain drinks such as the White Cargo—the perfect way to shake things up!