Do Conversation: There'S No Such Thing As Small Talk - Paperback

Do Conversation: There'S No Such Thing As Small Talk

Poynton, Robert

Why do some conversations flow, while others are stilted and awkward? Can we make difficult conversations easier?

Conversation is about more than communication. It’s how we connect with each other and make sense of the world – it’s an essential part of being human. And something we're naturally very good at.

Robert Poynton explores and celebrates this "everyday miracle hiding in plain sight". By drawing on many rich and diverse conversations, he offers simple ways to hone our natural skills to overcome anxiety, converse more skillfully and have more meaningful exchanges. In Do Conversation, you will:

Discover it's not about being clever, witty, or winning arguments
Learn to listen and hold space
Create the conditions for more fruitful conversations
Understand how a bit of simple structure can help
Conversation is more than light-hearted chat or formal discussions. It's a highly responsive, improvised exchange that leads to new ideas, deeper relationships, and a better world. Let's talk!