Elements Of Art: Ten Ways To Decode The Masterpieces - Paperback

Elements Of Art: Ten Ways To Decode The Masterpieces

Hodge, Susie

Packed with useful tips for gallery browsing, The Elements of Art takes the world's greatest artworks and makes them easy for anyone to understand.

The Elements of Art deconstructs great works of art into manageable components so that you can better understand and appreciate them.

Knowing how to interpret art is one of the biggest issues facing casual gallery-goers. They may ask themselves questions like: Why is the Mona Lisa so small? Why are some frames gilded in gold while others are non-existent? What can the use of material say about a work, whether it’s an oil painting, collage or made of found objects? And does the life of the artist matter?

This book answers all of these questions and more and introduces the key elements with which you can analyze and better understand artwork. From color, medium and size to where the piece is situated, and the artist who made it, you’ll learn what’s important and what’s not so important.
The book includes two parts:

- Part One introduces the elements using examples from throughout art history, introducing key terms and techniques while giving you the tools to apply lessons learned outside of the book.
- Part Two puts the elements into practice by breaking down 30 great artworks element by element—from Michelangelo to Frida Kahlo.

With the Elements of Art, you’ll learn important information about technique, style, material, location and color that will shape you to read and interpret art. Whether you're a student, teacher, culture vulture or art enthusiast, this book will help you de-mystify great works of art, making for a more meaningful, fulfilling and enjoyable visit to any gallery.