Emotionally Immature Parents: A Recovery Workbook For Adult Children - Paperback

Emotionally Immature Parents: A Recovery Workbook For Adult Children

Qiu, Kai Tai Kevin

If you were raised by emotionally immature parents, you know that unpacking your childhood isn’t easy. You were made to feel like your feelings didn’t matter, while your parent or parents’ feelings were of paramount importance. You may have been neglected emotionally, gaslit, or had your boundaries crossed time and time again.

In Emotionally Immature Parents: A Recovery Workbook for Adult Children, you’ll work through all of these experiences and more as you unpack your childhood, and practice creating boundaries with your parents in the present day. Whether you’re estranged from your parents now, or working out how to establish boundaries, you’ll find advice for future interactions, as well as how to go about processing difficult memories. You’ll dive into times when you could have used an emotionally mature parenting approach and were met with a lack of emotional intelligence.

As you begin the healing process, you’ll complete exercises like:
-Cultivating a nonjudgmental attitude toward yourself, others, and even your parents
-Learning the distinction between yourself and harmful thoughts
-Practicing gratitude to eliminate negativity in your day-to-day-life
-Rediscovering love within yourself through a guided meditation
-Determining your wants versus needs in your relationships
-And more!

In this book, you’ll learn what methods work best for you in your current relationship with your parents, as well as strategies to move on from the pain you’ve endured in the past. Let’s unpack what it means to be raised emotionally immature parents.