A Field Guide To Lies: Critical Thinking With Statistics And The Scientific Method - Paperback

A Field Guide To Lies: Critical Thinking With Statistics And The Scientific Method

Levitin, Daniel J.

Drive Your School Culture to Success with The Energy Bus! Transform your school culture into a thriving and positive environment. In The Energy Bus for Schools: 7 Ways to Improve Your School Culture, Remove Negativity, Energize Your Teachers, and Empower Your Students, bestselling author Jon Gordon and education leader Dr. Jim Van Allan provide concrete strategies and powerful stories to help build a positive school culture. This book shares a unique approach and proven practices for reimagining schools and districts as collaborative places where students and staff create their culture and develop as leaders together.

The authors provide the blueprint and framework to create a positive campus culture including:

Thriving during times of change
Communication to strengthen relationships
Proven strategies to empower staff and students
Building a connected team
Developing a positive mindset
Implementing best practices to energize teachers and students
Removing negativity that sabotages morale and culture
Rediscovering the joy and excitement of being in education
This book is intended for superintendents, district and school leadership, teachers, counselors, and coaches who are looking to leave a positive legacy and impact everyone on campus. Join the movement with other visionary educators who have already transformed their schools into dynamic centers of learning and growth.