Forever Boy: A Mother'S Memoir Of Autism And Finding Joy - Paperback

Forever Boy: A Mother'S Memoir Of Autism And Finding Joy

Swenson, Kate

he creator of the blog and Facebook page Finding Cooper’s Voice (1M followers) shares her raw, honest, and inspiring journey of raising a child with severe autism and coming into her own as a mother. This is sure to become an essential book for parents of children with autism and other special needs.

From the creator of Finding Cooper's Voice comes a powerful memoir about motherhood and unconditional love

Now updated with an afterword from the author

Kate Swenson's oldest son, Cooper, was diagnosed with nonverbal autism when he was three years old. Kate had always dreamed of having the perfect family and wasn't prepared for raising a child with a disability. Over the years, she felt the frustration and exhaustion from having to fight for your child in a world stacked against them. But through hard work, resilience and personal growth, she learned that Cooper wasn't the one who needed to change. She was.

It was this transformation that led Kate to acceptance—and ultimately joy. Because of Cooper, Kate became the person and the mother she was truly meant to be. Now she offers support and connection to others on this path. In Forever Boy, she shares her inspiring journey with honesty and compassion, illuminating the strength and perseverance of mothers.


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