The Game Master'S Book Of Random Encounters - Hardcover

The Game Master'S Book Of Random Encounters

Ashworth, Jeff

Provides gamers with the information they need to “fill in the holes” in their RPG campaign play at a moment’s notice.
For many tabletop RPG players, the joy of an in-depth game is that anything can happen. Typical adventure modules include a map of the adventure’s primary location, but every other location—whether it's a woodland clearing, a random apothecary or the depths of a temple players elect to explore—has to be improvised on the fly by the Game Master (GM). As every GM knows, no matter how many story hooks, maps or characters you painstakingly create in advance, your best-laid plans are often foiled by the outcome of an unexpected dice role or your players' refusal to stay on task. In a game packed with infinite possibilities, what are GMs supposed to do when their players choose those for which they're not prepared?

The Game Master’s Book of Random Encounters provides an unbeatable solution. This massive tome provides nearly 100 maps and 150 tables for all types of encounters, from temples and taverns to ships, wizard's lairs and much more! Each entry includes original handdrawn maps and multiple tables designed to help GMs fill in the sights, sounds and possible encounters in each location. This allows GMs to start new adventures or enhance existing ones on the fly.

No matter where your players end up, they'll have someone or something to persuade or deceive, impress or destroy. There are nearly three million possible adventure combinations in all - enough to delight players for hours on end.