The Home Cafe : Creative Recipes Espresso, Matcha, Tea And Coffee Drinks - Hardcover

The Home Cafe : Creative Recipes Espresso, Matcha, Tea And Coffee Drinks

Chapa, Asia Lui

Coffee lovers rejoice! This one-of-a-kind title brings you 60 inventive recipes for lattes, cold brews, tea spritzers and all of your favorite (and soon to be favorite) caffeinated beverages. Asia Lui Chapa, coffee connoisseur and creator of the popular account AC Home Café, is an expert at crafting flavorful barista-style drinks at home. In her debut title she shows you how to set up the perfect home café--with information on the best machines, supplies and ingredients-- so you can recreate her creative concoctions right in your own kitchen. Mornings will never be the same, and you can ditch your expensive Starbucks habit to boot! Asia's tantalizing recipes cover every kind of coffee drink--from the classics to the deliciously unique to the light and refreshing--so you can find the perfect pairing for your day no matter what you're craving. Enjoy crafted espresso beverages like the Crème Brûleè Latte, Black Forest Mocha Iced Latte and Espresso Limeade, as well as creative drip and pour over libations like the Salty Maple Cold Brew, Toasted Marshmallow Iced Coffee, Lavender Honey Cold Brew or Ube Iced Coffee Float. Asia also covers all things tea with the Guava Matcha Iced Tea, Black Sesame Hojicha Tea Latte, Hibiscus Pineapple Refresher and Strawberry Basil Green Tea Float, just to name a few. Each recipe also includes helpful tips on proper brewing, shaking and pouring methods, as well as suggestions for fun ice molds and chic glassware, so you can recreate the stylish home café aesthetic with ease. Whether you are filling the gap left by your local café, hoping to get creative with your new espresso machine, or simply want to flip through the pages and adorn the timeless art of coffee, this book will give you caffeine inspiration for years to come.