Javascript Pocket Reference - Paperback

Javascript Pocket Reference

Flanagan, David

Providing a quick guide to JavaScript's features and quirks, this Pocket Reference saves developers time and effort as they build apps with this ever more popular - and powerful - language.
JavaScript is the ubiquitous programming language of the Web, and for more than 15 years, JavaScript: The Definitive Guide has been the bible of JavaScript programmers around the world. Ideal for JavaScript developers at any level, this book is an all-new excerpt of The Definitive Guide, collecting the essential parts of that hefty volume into this slim yet dense pocket reference.

The first 9 chapters document the latest version (ECMAScript 5) of the core JavaScript language, covering:

Types, values, and variables
Operators, expressions, and statements
Objects and arrays
Functions and classes
The next 5 chapters document the fundamental APIs for using JavaScript with HTML5 and explain how to:

Interact with web browser windows
Script HTML documents and document elements
Modify and apply CSS styles and classes
Respond to user input events
Communicate with web servers
Store data locally on the user's computer
This book is a perfect companion to jQuery Pocket Reference.


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