Lake Superior Agates Field Guide - Paperback

Lake Superior Agates Field Guide

Lynch, Dan R. & Bob Lynch

Get this must-have guide for Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan, featuring full-color photographs and information to help you identify agates.

Identify and collect agates with the perfect guide to Lake Superior. With this famous field guide by Dan R. Lynch and Bob Lynch, field identification is simple and informative. The book features comprehensive entries: four pages of photos and facts for every type of agate found in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and southern Ontario. That means you’re more likely to identify what you’ve found. The authors know rocks and took their own full-color photographs to depict the detail needed for identification—no more guessing from line drawings. The field guide’s easy-to-use format helps you to quickly find what you need to know and where to look.

Inside you’ll find:

30 specimens: Only agates found in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and southern Ontario
Identification Guide: Introduction to agates, ID tips, agate look-alikes, and where to find agates
Range/occurrence maps: See where each specimen is commonly found
Professional photos: Crisp, stunning images
Beginner or expert, this is your guide to Lake Superior agates. With this field guide in hand, identifying and collecting is fun and informative!