Linked: Conquer Linkedin. Land Your Dream Job. Own Your Future - Paperback

Linked: Conquer Linkedin. Land Your Dream Job. Own Your Future

Garriot, Omar & Schifeling, Jeremy

Written by two former LinkedIn employees, Linked is the definitive guide to building a career in a digital world. Step-by-step, it demystifies LinkedIn—which is now synonymouswith the job market—and empowers every professional, from the newly minted college graduate to the midlife career-changer, with the most important strategies to win the job search game.

Clear, engaging, and highly practical, Linked shows you how to:

Build a distinct professional brand so recruiters come to you. Decode the special $10,000 recruiter version of LinkedIn that can make or break your career.
Think like employers and focus your profile to get noticed, get considered, and get hired. Hack the search algorithm and Applicant Tracking Systems to sit atop the candidate pile.
Become a master networker and tap the power of network effect to turn anyone into a referral, 10Xing your chances of landing a job interview. Then crush your interview with unique insights.

The result: not just a great job, but the future of your dreams.

Omar Garriott and Jeremy Schifeling are career coaches and hiring managers who have worked at companies like Apple, Khan Academy, Salesforce, and Teach for America. But they first joined forces to lead education product marketing at LinkedIn, where they saw first-hand how powerful the platform is for finding a job and building a network (it's why they call LinkedIn "The Great Opportunity Democratizer").

Now they've compiled all the most effective techniques they learned inside the company to help you do the same in your own career. From understanding what recruiters are looking for to getting a leg up in any hiring process, Linked is their crash course on the insider secrets that will get you in the door and get you hired.