The Lyrical Artwork Of Jim Denomie

Soukup, Nicole; Robert Cozzolino; Heid E. Erdrich; & Christina Schmid

A prolific artist, Jim Denomie (La Courte Oreilles Band, Ojibwe, 1955–2022) did not begin his art career until the age of 35. Over the course of three decades, his award-winning work has been featured in national and international exhibitions and found in notable private and public collections. The Lyrical Artwork of Jim Denomie explores themes in the artist’s work, such as the legacies of colonization, reconsideration of American history, and what he saw as the absurdity of our current zeitgeist. His paintings are satirical and surreal, displaying a vibrant palette, along with dark humor and pointed references to historical and contemporary issues and injustices. Denomie drew upon lived experiences, pop culture, Ojibwe beliefs and traditions, and American history to tell stories with universal lessons. Alongside his satirical, history paintings, Denomie created a deeply personal body of work that depicts his spirituality, memories, and relationship to place.

In addition to its incisive essays, the book includes forewords by Denomie’s friend and gallerist, Todd Bockley, and the artist’s wife, the author Diane Wilson, as well as a transcript of one of his final interviews. In its totality, this catalogue begins the conversation around the lasting impact of Denomie’s work and life.