Memoirs Of A Mediocre Teacher - Paperback

Memoirs Of A Mediocre Teacher

Clinton, Blair

In a world full of inspirational books about teaching, veteran educator Blair Clinton has come up with a dazzling teacher memoir on how to be . . . average.

Films are full of Miss Honeys and Robin Williams showing teachers discovering secret math geniuses, transforming backtalking teens into poet laureates, and saving wayward students by asking "HOW DO I REACH THESE KIDS?"

Most of us aren't getting movies made after us. And that doesn't mean we're doing something wrong in the classroom.

In Memoirs of a Mediocre Teacher, Blair Clinton lifts up the curtain to uplift the everyday moments of real-world, average teachers.

This book is a lighthearted, realistic career introduction for new teachers.

This book is a space of commiseration for classroom veterans, who can likely say "Yeah, I've been there before" or "Well at least I didn't do that."

This book is a celebration of the students who, despite it all, bring us a wealth of happiness—whether they know it or not.

"In the high school classroom you are a drill sergeant, a shoulder to cry on, a disciplinarian, a referee, a clown, a counselor, a therapist, a fool,
a critic, the last straw."
—From Teacher Man by Frank McCourrt