On Mental Illness: What Can Calm, Reassure And Console - Hardcover

On Mental Illness: What Can Calm, Reassure And Console

The School Of Life

A compassionate guide to normalizing mental illness and achieving emotional wellbeing.

This is a guide to coping with a wide variety of mental unwellness, from the very mild to the severe. It explains how and why we become mentally ill, how we can explain our experiences to friends and family, and how we can reframe our view of ourselves and our future in order to thrive.

With a humane, encouraging tone, the book teaches us to dismantle stigmas around mental health, arguing that no one should suffer alone. By normalizing mental illness and seeking out shared experiences and supportive friendships, we feel less alone on our journeys.

Written with kindness, knowledge and sympathy, and drawing upon the experience of The School of Life therapists, this book is an essential tool to help us on the way to our recovery.

AN ACCESSIBLE GUIDEto mental health and wellbeing.
THOROUGHLY RESEARCHED by The School of Life’s therapy department.
FOCUSES ON REFRAMING mental unwellness through compassionate lens.
COMPASSIONATE NORMALIZATION of anxiety, depression and trauma.
CHAPTERS INCLUDE Reasons to Live, Acceptance, Love, Community, Psychotherapy, Perspective and Gratitude.