Mindful Thoughts For Students: Nurture Your Mind, Flourish In Life - Hardcover

Mindful Thoughts For Students: Nurture Your Mind, Flourish In Life

Hooper, Georgina

Perfect for every student, from freshers to Open University and evening class students, Mindful Thoughts for Students is your guide to transforming what can be a stressful experience into one of the most positive and enriching experiences of your life.

Mindful Thoughts for Students is an astute collection of 25 expert insights into how practicing awareness whilst studying can transform learning into a positive experience every day.

Studying can be a stressful and anxious process, with deadlines and a focus on results taking away from the pleasure of learning.

However, Mindful Thoughts for Students seeks to teach us how to thrive in education despite these pressures, by teaching positive mindful habits which will bring out the best in our studies and in ourselves.

With each lesson accompanied by beautiful illustrations, teacher and student Georgina Hooper guides you on a thoughtful journey through the practice of studying with joyful intention.

Learn how to:

Mindfully manage the art of deadlines,
Find focus and flow in your studies,
Accept failure as part of the process towards success,
Cultivate a lifelong curiosity for knowledge,