Money For Millennials - Paperback

Money For Millennials

Fisher, Sarah & Susan Mcgovern

The all-inclusive guide to managing your money in your 20s, 30s, and 40s!

Money for Millennials provides you with the basic tools you need to manage your life and plan for your financial future. You’ll learn how to oversee every aspect of your personal finances as well as how to strengthen your financial plan to yield better returns on your investments.

This revised guide includes how to:
Create and follow a budget.
Maintain a robust savings account.
Building an emergency fund.
Use online banking and the best account options available.
Use credit cards and how to pay off debt judiciously.
Pay off student loan debt and how to understand your options if you choose to further your education.
Make big purchases, such as houses and transportation.
Make the right choices when unemployed or underemployed or lack employer-sponsored health care options.
Make the most of retirement plans: 401(k), individual retirement accounts (IRAs), etc.