Monkey Vs. Robot : The Complete Epic - Paperback

Monkey Vs. Robot : The Complete Epic

Kochalka, James

A magnum opus from one of the giants of indie cartooning finally gets its due -- in full color, and expanded with a new 120-page grand finale!

Since the dawn of time, the eternal struggle of Monkey Vs. Robot has captivated the hearts of comics fans everywhere. Now, creator James Kochalka and Top Shelf Productions celebrate the 20th anniversary of this timeless epic with a jaw-dropping deluxe collection. Both of the original black & white graphic novels, Monkey Vs. Robot and Monkey Vs. Robot and the Crystal of Power, have been newly colored by James Kochalka for this edition! In addition, Kochalka completes the trilogy with a brand-new graphic novel appearing here for the first time, Monkey Vs. Robot in Love. That's right, this book has it all... brutal combat and tender moments alike.

With animal fury and silicon precision, this definitive collection will satisfy both the monkey and the robot inside every one of us.

A factory of self-replicating robots is stripping the jungle of its natural resources, threatening a colony of nearby monkeys. Tentative encounters between the two groups quickly escalate into all-out war. But beware: the charm and humor of Kochalka's whimsical cartooning conceals a profound examination of humanity's relationship with our environment and the duality within the human mind. It's a modern-day fable for adults and kids alike, based on the age-old struggle between instinct and reason, nature and technology.