New Camp Cookbook Fireside Warmers : Drinks, Sweets, & Shareables To Enjoy Around The Fire ( Great Outdoor Cooking )

Vikre, Emily

Maybe you earned it with a long hike or maybe it was just a long week at work: Either way, there’s no arguing with the appeal of an evening spent with friends or family around the fire. This book lets you choose your own adventure when it comes to sips, sweets, and communal cooks. Author Emily Vikre shares dozens of all-new recipes as well as a few greatest hits and remixes from Camp Cocktails and The Family Camp Cookbook, so you’re sure to find just what you want for your next trip:

The Happiest Hour: You’ve finished unpacking and it’s time to set out some snacks and drinks for the group. Choose from hot dates, skillet spiced nuts, Norwegian stick bread with dips, campfire queso, “baked” Brie, and grilled nachos, and pair them with drinks like a fireside old fashioned, tinto de verano, amaro spritz, or junglebird punch.
Campfire Shareables: Make an epic, interactive meal with choose-your-own-adventure food on sticks—from hot dogs to kebabs. Or break out a pie iron and make fireside chimichangas, potpies, pizza pockets, or grilled cheese.
After-Dinner Treats and Cozy Drinks: S’mores, bananas foster, campfire monkey bread, or foil pack pears...how do you choose? Or if you’re in the mood for a warm drink, try a peppermint schnapps hot chocolate, boozy (or not) hot cider, or a chamomile tea toddy.
Leisurely Mornings: Rise and shine and pair that camp coffee or French press dirty chai with skillet biscuits and scrambled eggs, brown sugar-chili glazed bacon, eggs in spiced tomato sauce, fluffy peach-filled pancakes, or easy breakfast quesadillas.