New Camp Cookbook On The Trail: Easy - To - Pack Meals, Cocktails, And Snacks For Your Next Adventure - Hardcover

New Camp Cookbook On The Trail: Easy - To - Pack Meals, Cocktails, And Snacks For Your Next Adventure

Vikre, Emily

After a long day outdoors, there’s nothing better than a cold drink or hot meal as the sun starts to set. And there’s also something special about that midday meal on the go, whether your view is the mountains or the sea. In New Camp Cookbook On the Trail, author Emily Vikre shares dozens of all-new recipes as well as a few greatest hits and remixes from Camp Cocktails and The Family Camp Cookbook, so you’re sure to find just what you are craving for your next trip, including:

Packable Snackables: Apricot cherry energy balls, homemade granola bars, toaster pastry bars, camper's cookies, and four trail mixes from unfussy fuel to downright fancy.
Pre-Prepped Meals: How to make ready-to-use spice mixes, just-add-water pancakes, minestrone soup, fried rice mix, couscous with olives, and falafel patty mix.
Easy to Assemble: Matpakke, summer sausage sandwich, curried tuna wrap, almond butter wrap with dried fruit and cinnamon, bagel with apple butter and raisins, and fried wrap a la Norway.
This + That: Tuna casserole (mac and cheese, dried peas, tuna), Caccio e Pepe (alfredo, parmesan, and lots of black pepper), vegetarian shepherd's pie (herby lentils and mashed potatoes), and more.
Backpacker Bevvies: True lime gimlet, powdered tea Arnie Palmer Collins, instant Irish coffee, spiked tea, and the toddle off toddy as well as flask-friendly versions of the negroni, Shetland sweater, old fashioned, manhattan, the duke, and red rum.

Add to that a quick and easy guide to using a dehydrator for culinary adventure, with recipes for jerky, fruit leathers, and dehydrated fruits and veggies, you can add flavor to any outdoor adventure with New Camp Cookbook On the Trail.