Optimal: How To Sustain Personal And Organizational Excellence Every Day - Hardcover

Optimal: How To Sustain Personal And Organizational Excellence Every Day

Goleman, Daniel & Cary Cherniss

Daniel Goleman returns with a revolutionary outlook on the inner workings of emotional intelligence. While the term itself has undergone many evolutions it has never been seen before like this. With Cary Cherniss, Goleman navigates the complexities of optimal performance and what it takes to achieve it.

Maybe you are burnt out from the normal day-to-day or struggling to find a way to juggle hundreds of responsibilities without losing your mind. Optimal addresses those challenges, detailing proven approaches and mechanisms you can put into practice. The authors value your experience—what has gotten you to this point in your life and career—and builds on it, opening a door to those who are willing to discover a more effective self, a higher purpose, and emotional stability.

What happens when you are attaining optimal efficiency on a consistent basis? Goleman and Cherniss answer with scientific research on keys to personal and organizational excellence. Challenging Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi's legendary concept of flow, Optimal offers a more realistic goal, one essential to breaking patterns of occupational burnout, reduced productivity, and discontentment. Goleman lays the foundation to upgrading your performance, which will impact how leaders build company culture and results.