Positively Tarot: A Modern Guide To A Mindful Life - Paperback

Positively Tarot: A Modern Guide To A Mindful Life

Toynbee, Emma

Let the tarot awaken your mind and guide your life with this unique illustrated guide, filled with 100 helpful drawings.

Discover your true calling in life
Find a compatible romantic partner
Get the most out of your professional life
Make smart decisions with your finances
Reclaim your self-esteem and emotional security
Take control of your health and well-being
Deal with matters of life and death
Share your true, complete self with others

Want to make major changes or improvements to your life? Or learn how to deal with day-to-day events? Maybe just looking to shake things up? Positively Tarot is a unique, illustrated guide that teaches readers how to ultimately find purpose, wellbeing, and happiness—whether in their personal life, professional life, finances, or health.

Designed for those who are ambitious in their learning but also want to be time-efficient, this book highlights key terms and uses a logic-based keycoded system to easily understand the complexities of reading the tarot.

In the perfect book for beginner or experienced tarot readers, Emma Toynbee perfectly explains how the tarot can provide all-important answers to the many questions in life.