Radical Respect : How To Work Together Better - Paperback

Radical Respect : How To Work Together Better

Scott, Kim

How to be respectful and respected at work, and transform your career and organization in the process—from the author of the revolutionary bestseller Radical Candor.
We CAN create cultures where everyone does the best work of their lives and enjoys working together. Radical Respect offers a simple framework for explaining how bias, prejudice, and bullying get in the way—and practical, tactical tips for how to get them back out of the way. Candid stories from Scott’s career make it a memorable read.

Previously published as Just Work, Radical Respect starts from a simple point of departure: workplaces that optimize for collaboration rather than coercion and honor individuality rather than demanding conformity are more successful. We do better work when we have better relationships at work.

What moves us in the wrong direction? Kim Scott offers a "toxonomy" that breaks down a problem that often feels monolithic into its component parts: bias, prejudice, bullying, discrimination, harassment, and physical violations. Once we understand the difference between these problems, we can identify solutions. Radical Respect reveals a practical foundation for both respecting everyone's individuality and collaborating effectively. No matter what your role is, this is the essential guide for helping to create the kind of workplace where you and those around you can thrive.