Ukrainian English Bilingual Visual Dictionary - Paperback

Ukrainian English Bilingual Visual Dictionary


Learning the most common and useful English words and phrases has never been easier! With over 6,500 fully illustrated words and phrases in Ukrainian and English, along with a free English audio app, DK’s English Ukrainian Bilingual Visual Dictionary is your essential companion for life in any English-speaking country. You will learn all the words and phrases you need to buy food and clothes, talk about work and education, visit the doctor, go to the bank, use public transport, and much more. The dictionary is incredibly easy to follow, with thematically organized vocabulary so you can find closely related words on a particular topic. Words and phrases are illustrated with full-color photographs and artworks, helping to fix new vocabulary in your mind. A comprehensive, two-way index provides an instant reference point for new English vocabulary. Ready to learn? Dive right in to discover: - A comprehensive two-way index provides instant reference - Covers key topics including food and drink, transport, shopping, people, home, work, and leisure - Additional panels include key nouns, verbs, and useful phrases - Photos and text include all the latest technology and clothing The supporting audio app enables you to hear all the words and phrases spoken out loud in English. The app is easy to use and helps you learn, remember, and pronounce important vocabulary. The dictionary gives a pronunciation guide for every English word, and you can use this alongside the app to perfect your pronunciation. English Ukrainian Bilingual Visual Dictionary is perfect for tourists and business travelers, as well as Ukrainian refugees who have come to live in English-speaking countries, Ukrainian-speaking students and teachers of English as a second language, alongside charities and organizations providing resources for Ukrainian refugees.