Viking Knits: Over 40 Scandi Knits For Men, Women & Children - Hardcover

Viking Knits: Over 40 Scandi Knits For Men, Women & Children

Matberg, Lasse

Over 40 traditional and modern Norwegian knitwear patterns for all seasons and all the family. From Internet sensation Lasse Matberg. This book offers intermediate and experienced knitters an inspiring guide to create eye-catching, durable knitwear that will never go out of style. - Publishers Weekly Lasse L. Matberg comes from a family who, for generations, have been working to create beautiful, quality crafted items by hand. Viking Knits is a tribute to good-quality, practical needlework, inspired by the Vikings’ warm, all-weather garments. Discover and knit over 40 items for men, women, and children, designed for all occasions and seasons. From tough-wearing sweaters and outerwear to elegant cardigans and jackets, all have made been made in a quietly beautiful Scandinavian style. Whether you love traditional, Nordic colorwork patterns and cables, or modern, textured knits, there is something for everyone. 18 men's sweaters 9 women's sweaters 6 children's sweaters 10 cozy accessories