Wabi Sabi: The Wisdom In Imperfection - Hardcover

Wabi Sabi: The Wisdom In Imperfection

Suzuki, Nobuo

Be the best imperfect person you can be!

Wabi Sabi is the Japanese Zen philosophy that all things are imperfect, unfinished and impermanent. It is a fresh way of seeing and moving through the world when our lives, literally and figuratively, feel cluttered. This book shows us how to apply this concept in the context of daily life and offers ideas on how to see it, embrace it and incorporate it into everyday thoughts, objects and situations.

In a simple and accessible style, Wabi Sabi: The Wisdom in Imperfection shows you how embracing imperfections and impermanence frees you to become a better person, by reevaluating what "better" means—what really matters and what you truly want. A few simple challenges and exercises encourage you to get creative—such as a Wabi Sabi diary, a haiku exercise and a "make art" challenge—plus some tips on minimizing and decluttering (mentally and physically) for a simpler life. It allows you to mindfully make space in your head, home and with your time.

In the foreword, Hector Garcia— the bestselling author of Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life—introduces readers to the Wabi Sabi aesthetic and shares his personal Wabi Sabi journey: from being asked about it on live TV fifteen years ago (before he knew what it was) to today, when it permeates every aspect of his life.