Collected Works Of C. G. Jung, Volume 4: Freud And Psychoanalysis - Paperback

Collected Works Of C. G. Jung, Volume 4: Freud And Psychoanalysis

Jung, C. G. & Gerhard Adler

The authoritative edition of Jung’s essential writings for understanding his early enthusiasm for—and later split with—Freud and psychoanalysis

Freud and Psychoanalysis gathers Jung’s writings on Freud and psychoanalysis published between 1906 and 1916, along with two later, related papers. The book covers the period of the enthusiastic collaboration between the two pioneers of psychology through the years when Jung’s growing appreciation of religious experience, his criticism of Freud’s emphasis on pathology, and other differences led to Jung’s formal break with his mentor. Part I features brief studies of Freud’s theory of hysteria, dream analysis, the psychology of rumor, and other subjects. Parts II and III contain the essentials of the criticism that led to Jung’s rupture with Freud, the most important of which is “The Theory of Psychoanalysis.” Part IV presents “The Significance of the Father in the Destiny of the Individual.” The book’s final two pieces, “Freud and Jung: Contrasts” and the introduction to a book by W. M. Kranefeldt, further illuminate Jung’s reassessment of psychoanalysis.