The Curse Of Oak Island: The Story Of The World'S Longest Treasure Hunt - Paperback

The Curse Of Oak Island: The Story Of The World'S Longest Treasure Hunt

Sullivan, Randall

An investigation into the “curse” of Oak Island, where rumors of buried riches have beguiled treasure hunters over the past two centuries

In The Curse of Oak Island, longtime Rolling Stone contributing editor and journalist Randall Sullivan explored the curious history of Oak Island and the generations of people who tried and failed to unlock its secrets. Drawing on his exclusive access to Marty and Rick Lagina, stars of the History Channel’s television show The Curse of Oak Island, Sullivan delivers an up to the minute chronicle of their ongoing search for the truth.

In 1795, a teenager discovered a mysterious circular depression in the ground on Oak Island, in Nova Scotia, Canada, and ignited rumors of buried treasure. Early excavators uncovered a clay-lined shaft containing layers of soil interspersed with wooden platforms, but when they reached a depth of ninety feet, water poured into the shaft and made further digging impossible.

Since then the mystery of Oak Island’s “Money Pit” has enthralled generations of treasure hunters, including a Boston insurance salesman whose obsession ruined him; young Franklin Delano Roosevelt; and film star Errol Flynn. Perplexing discoveries have ignited explorers’ imaginations: a flat stone inscribed in code; a flood tunnel draining from a man-made beach; a torn scrap of parchment; stone markers forming a huge cross. Swaths of the island were bulldozed looking for answers; excavation attempts have claimed two lives. Theories abound as to what’s hidden on Oak Island. Could it be pirates’ treasure or Marie Antoinette’s lost jewels? Or perhaps the Holy Grail or proof of the identity of the true author of Shakespeare’s plays?

In this rich, fascinating account, Sullivan takes readers along as the Lagina brothers mount the most comprehensive effort yet to crack the mystery, and chronicles the incredible history of the “curse” of Oak Island, where for two centuries dreams of buried treasure have led intrepid treasure hunters to sacrifice everything.