Diy: The Wonderfully Weird History And Science Of Masturbation - Paperback

Diy: The Wonderfully Weird History And Science Of Masturbation

Sprankle, Eric

The first-ever social and scientific history of masturbation, which unapologetically critiques a system that has sought to control the very human desire for self-pleasure.

Despite decades of medical and psychological research confirming that masturbation is healthy, the act remains shrouded in taboo and pseudoscience. In DIY, Dr. Eric Sprankle reveals the untold story of crusaders on a long campaign to suppress masturbation and the sex educators fighting back with science. He introduces readers to a colorful cast of characters: doctors advocating for the use of chastity devices, wellness influencers who believe ejaculation depletes the body of vital nutrients, pastors who preach that masturbation creates mermaids, and vibrator aficionados who teach the curious how to come. DIY will challenge what you think you know about the very human need for self-pleasure.

Part sex-positive exposé, part fascinating science, DIY spotlights generations of sex education countering anti-masturbation pseudoscience with empowering truths about pleasure. This sex book is perfect for fans of Mary Roach books like Bonk or anyone curious about the history of sex and masturbation.