Trees Handbook - Paperback

Trees Handbook

Dk Smithsonian

The clearest and sharpest definition guide to over 500 species of trees from around the world.

DK Handbook: Trees explains what a tree is, how trees are classified, and how to keep a record of the trees you have seen. Packed with over 1,000 full-colour photographs of more than 500 trees this book cuts through the complicated identification process to enable you to recognize a species instantly. To help in the initial stages of identification, the book provides a visual key that shows the differences between conifers, broadleaves, and palms, identifies each genus by leaf type, and guides you to the correct species entry.

Every entry combines a precise description with annotated photographs to highlight the tree’s chief characteristics and distinguishing features, and a full-colour illustration showing the spread, height, and leaf persistence of the species. A concise glossary defines technical and scientific terms. Compact enough to take out into the field or forest, DK Handbooks: Trees makes identifying nature’s giants easier than ever before.

Dive straight into this riveting reference guide to trees and explore:

- Introduction provides an accessible primer on the basics of trees and identification.
- Each entry includes at-a-glance facts for quick reference.
- Photographs show close-ups of key details and highlight distinguishing features, making it easy to identify species.
- A visual key of leaf type and genus makes identification simple when using the guide out and about

Trees is a must-have guide nature lovers and naturalists, ramblers and hikers who want to identify and discover more about different trees.