Inclusive Access

University of Minnesota Inclusive Access

The University of Minnesota Bookstores are revolutionizing the way students access course materials using technology and our industry partnerships to deliver digital course content at a significant savings for students.

Spring Semester Opt Out Deadline

Students enrolled in an inclusive access course for spring semester 2021 have until January 28, 2021 to opt-out of their course content. Opting-out can be done by following the directions in the Inclusive Access welcome email.

Inclusive Access, What is it?

Inclusive Access is a textbook model that converts physical course materials into instantly accessible digital content providing students interactive, adaptive and affordable materials. The University of Minnesota Bookstores, publishers, and you, our faculty, collaborate to make the digital course material available to every student on the first day of class. Since every enrolled student receives the digital course materials, the publisher charges a lower bulk rate to the Bookstores resulting in lower prices for students. How it works
  • Students will receive access to the digital course material through Canvas, the U of M learning platform, or from the U of M Bookstores on the first day of class.
  • Upon enrollment in the course, the Inclusive Access charge will be automatically billed to the student’s account.
  • The U of M Bookstores notifies all students in Inclusive Access material courses about the fees, how and when it will be billed to their student account, how to opt-out of the material, and the cost.
  • In most cases, students can request to opt-out and receive a refund within the first 10 days of class (5 days for partial semester classes).

Inclusive Access FAQs

How much does Inclusive Access cost?
Prices vary depending on the course material selected by the instructor. Most Inclusive Access prices are lower than the cost to access the digital material directly through the publisher. Often the Inclusive Access price saves students 60% or more off the price of a new print (hardcopy) textbook.

How is Inclusive Access Billed?
Students will see a charge for “Required Digital Materials” on their U of M student account from the U of M Bookstores on or before the first day of class.

What does it mean to opt out?
If students do not want to receive the digital course materials through Inclusive Access, they can opt out via the emailed link, or by emailing with their course information and requesting to opt out. At the student’s request, the University of Minnesota Bookstores will issue a refund to their student account. You will be refunded after the drop/add period.

Opt-outs are only accepted within the first seven (7) days of class, (5 days for partial semester courses and summer terms). Access to the digital course materials will be revoked at that time and students will be responsible to find the required course materials by other means.

What if a student opts-out, but then wants to opt back in?
The U of M Bookstores can work with the publisher to get the student reconnected with the digital course material. Please contact or stop by the Bookstores for assistance.

If a student drops the course is a refund possible?
If a student drops the course before the 10th day of class (fifth day for partial semester courses), then the student will automatically receive a full or partial refund depending on when the course is dropped. Courses dropped after those dates may not be eligible for refunds.

Still have questions?
Contact the University of Minnesota Bookstores at 612-625-4556 or select the Inclusive Access category on our Contact Us page.