Design School Reader: A Course Companion For Students Of Graphic Design - Paperback

Design School Reader: A Course Companion For Students Of Graphic Design

Heller, Steven

An Essential Collection of Essays and Musings on Graphic Design from One of the Field's Leading Educators

In this wide-ranging compilation, art director, writer, and lecturer Steven Heller shares his passion for graphic design with readers, whom he invites to consider that design can be discerned in all things natural and manmade. Developed as content for a class devoted to reading, this collection is not overtly about conventional design, but about a variety of topics viewed through the lens of design. Offered as a primer for undergraduate and graduate students, Design School Reader presents more than forty essays on subjects such as:
The role of design in politics
Visual culture and the social impact of design
Key moments in the history of typography
Technological innovations
The power of branding and logos
Ethical considerations and dilemmas
Important figures in the design world
Divided into five parts—Design Language; Design Dialects; Politics, Ideology, Design; Business and Commerce; and Inspiration and Discoveries—each section features a collection of essays culled from Heller’s extensive publications from the past several decades. At the end of every essay, readers will find discussion points to prompt further lines of inquiry. As Heller notes, “The key is to read, discuss, and debate.” Students, aficionados, and anyone with a healthy curiosity will thoroughly enjoy this illuminating and thought-provoking assemblage of perspectives on the practice.