Galaxy Watercolor: Paint The Universe With 30 Awe-inspiring Projects

Davis, Sosha

Bring the beauty of the cosmos to your art with dreamy, beginner-friendly paintings of the moon, planets, starry skies and more.
Capture the Beauty of the Cosmos with Stunning Watercolor Masterpieces

From sparkling galaxies and starry night skies to surreal clouds and striking planets, the captivating watercolor paintings in Galaxy Watercolor can help you capture the majesty of celestial bodies and splendor of outer space. Artist extraordinaire Sosha Davis has long found inspiration and creativity in all things cosmic, and now she’s sharing her favorite projects with you.

Perfect for both beginners looking to learn the basics of watercolor painting and more experienced artists in search of new subjects, this book breaks down Sosha's dreamy, ethereal paintings with easy-to-follow steps and helpful photos to guide you. One-of-a-kind projects such as Night Sky Shapes and Floral Crescent Moon marry earth and sky with Sosha’s masterful use of color, and paintings like Cosmic Card and Celestial Bookmark let you show off your art in fun craft projects that make perfect gifts! If you’re feeling more meditative, you can try soulful cosmic projects such as Line Art Goddess, Astrology Wheel and Soul Circle Art for whimsical art worthy of being framed.

With all the tips and techniques you need to begin your watercolor journey and create eye-catching cosmic art, this collection of out-of-this-world paintings is your new go-to for relaxing, inspirational and outright impressive watercolor art.