Heat Wave : The Extraordinaries - Paperback

Heat Wave : The Extraordinaries

Klune, Tj

School’s out for the summer and a raging, malevolent heat has blanketed Nova City. Dark, twisted, probably evil shadows have drenched the doorsteps of her good people’s homes. And Nicholas Bell―fanboy, hero, ADHD-haver―is being super dramatic again.

But honestly, Nick’s life is pretty much perfect. Yeah, it’s hot out, but he finally gets to team up and train with his steamy superhero boyfriend to bring justice, protection, and disaster energy to the people of Nova City. It’s everything he’s ever dreamed of!

With graduation on the horizon and his future unknowable, Nick focuses on enjoying the present. Seth, Jazz, and Gibby are busy setting up headquarters for Lighthouse, their hero team. Nick’s dad has partnered with former chief of police Rodney Caplan to start a new private investigation agency. And Nick’s mother, the superhero known as TK, is right there at Nick’s side. Where she’s always been.

Hasn’t she?

But something’s off. It’s not just Simon Burke running for mayor and campaigning to “cure” Extraordinaries. And it’s not even the rumors that Nick’s ex-boyfriend and villain-in-the-making Owen Burke has escaped.

Something else isn’t right, and Nick will need all his friends and loved ones together to
uncover the truth before Nova City falls prey to the Burke family.

A truth that will reveal a traitor in their midst and burn through their lives like a wildfire.


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