History: The Definitive Visual Guide - Hardcover

History: The Definitive Visual Guide


This stunning visual guide explores and explains the defining eras, key moments, and outstanding people that have made history. In the same series as the New Children's Encyclopedia and DK Visual Encyclopedias of Science, Art, and Geography (among others), this brand new history encyclopedia will help children, parents, and educators grasp the events, personalities, and inventions that have changed the world. From the earliest civilizations in Mesopotamia and India to the rise of populism in the US and China's growth as a global power, this book gives you the facts about all major historical periods. Illustrated with over 1,500 photographs, artifacts, and maps, History: A Visual Encyclopedia is a way in to understanding the diversity of world history, from the African kingdoms that predated colonialism and the cultures of the pre-Colombian Americas to the dynasties that have ruled China for thousands of years and the many empires that have come and gone over the centuries in Asia and Europe. At a time in history when we are overwhelmed by information, this encyclopedia is a trustworthy guide to the past for young readers.