Reservation : 40 ( Fortieth ) Anniversary Edition - Paperback

Reservation : 40 ( Fortieth ) Anniversary Edition

Williams, Ted C.

A series of stories chronicling life on the Tuscarora Indian Reservation during the 1940s and 50s and the impact of American ways on the Tribe's culture and traditions.

Though the Ted in the story is still young, just at the beginning of his formal place as a contributing community member, he is introspective. He recognizes that one day, he will be one of The Tellers, and as such, he will disappear like all the other Tellers, unless there is some record of the things he tells. The last line of the book is the doorway to the first line of the book, to be read and reread as a closed circle, in perpetuity. But you don't need to know those intricate, meticulous patterns to appreciate this book. You just need to be open to the story and its charms.-Eric Gansworth, from the Introduction