The Workweek Lunch Cookbook: Easy, Delicious Meals To Meal Prep, Pack And Take On The Go - Paperback

The Workweek Lunch Cookbook: Easy, Delicious Meals To Meal Prep, Pack And Take On The Go

Koren, Talia

Tackling your midday cravings has never been easier, thanks to Talia Koren’s debut cookbook. The founder of the meal plan subscription service and blog Workweek Lunch shares her secret tricks for saving time, money and stress by meal-prepping lunches you can’t wait to eat.

Skip waiting in line for expensive takeout and make one of Talia’s dozens of mouthwatering, easy-to-pack recipes instead. Each recipe is designed to be cooked in bulk, so you can get all of your cooking for the week done in just one afternoon. With your meals ready to grab and go, you’ll love sleeping in a little longer before your morning commute. There are tons of tasty dishes to whip up, like a hearty Italian Turkey Meatball Orzo Bowl or some cheesy Kimchi Mushroom Quesadillas. No microwave at work? No problem! Talia’s got you covered with options like Turmeric Chickpea Avocado Sandwiches and Chicken Banh Mi–Inspired Wraps. Busy week? Try one of her satisfying low-maintenance meals, like the Chorizo Sweet Potato Black Bean Skillet, or plan ahead with a freezer stash option like Veggie Chili Mac ’N’ Cheese, which is specifically designed for you to make then reheat on hectic days. Talia also shares smart storage and reheating tips, as well as innovative ways to remix your meal preps throughout the week, guaranteeing that your lunches stay fresh and never boring.

Whether you’re trying to save cash, free up some extra time or are just seeking exciting new meals to brighten up your midday routine, level up your workweek with these lunches!