Hands And Hearts Together : Daily Meditations For Caregivers - Paperback

Hands And Hearts Together : Daily Meditations For Caregivers

Hoolihan, Patricia

For the caregiver, a book of daily meditations that provides comfort, insight, and wisdom.
Hands and Heart Together: Daily Meditations for Caregivers provides day-at-a-time sustenance for those who are caring for loved ones. The need for daily encouragement among this population is staggering; there are over 43 million family caregivers in the U.S., according to AARP. Here is a book that is easily accessible; each short meditation illuminates an aspect of caregiving and closes with an uplifting message. Heartfelt inspiration and hands-on understanding fill these pages as well as a deep and gentle encouragement to honor both the burdens and beautiful gifts of this journey; its path provides untold opportunities for meaningful moments. Any caregiver who reads these will feel understood and invited to more fully embrace the significance of their journey - a day at a time.