The Successful Ta: A Practical Approach To Effective Teaching - Paperback

The Successful Ta: A Practical Approach To Effective Teaching

Nomme, Kathy & Pollock, Carol

Maybe you’re an undergraduate or graduate student who’s just been appointed a Teaching Assistant (TA). Or maybe you’re a postdoctoral student or new hire with limited teaching experience. In either case, you’ll be expected—with little to no training—to excel at teaching and to enhance the learning experience of your students. Kathy Nomme and Carol Pollock draw on decades of experience in teaching and TA training to offer practical advice on interacting with course instructors, dealing with nerves and anxiety, preparing for the first session, supporting student learning, developing learning exercises, engaging students with diverse needs and backgrounds, using technology in the classroom, and assessing student work and providing feedback. The lessons and scenarios in this short, accessible guide can be applied to any discipline or teaching venue—from large lecture halls to smaller labs, studios, seminars, and tutorials. This book not only demystifies expectations for TAs but also sets the stage for developing a lifelong teaching practice.