Warranty & Repair

M Tech Repair Services

Apple Repairs

We are an Apple Authorized Service Center. Our team of Apple Certified Technicians provide hardware repairs for Apple computers, iPads, and Apple accessories under warranty and out-of-warranty. We can also install macOS, attempt data backup, and remove most malware.

There is no diagnostic fee for Mac notebooks. We charge a $35 diagnostic fee for Mac desktops that is deducted from the cost of the repair.

PC Repairs

We can do many off-warranty repairs for PC computers, such as replacing failed hard drives, cracked LCDs, reinstalling Windows, and attempt data backup.

There is a $35 PC diagnostic fee that is deducted from the cost of the repair.

CPS Accidental Damage Coverage

We sell and service CPS accidental damage warranty. This warranty covers broken screens, liquid spills, manufacturing defects, and other damage.

Cell Phone Repair (CPR)

We’ve teamed up with CPR for phone, tablet, and computer repairs. CPR can fix broken screens, buttons, and batteries. They can also repair game consoles and drones.

Software Services

  • Data back-up starting at $40
  • Operating System installation starting at $25
  • Remove malware on macOS

Questions About Repair Services?

  • Visit M Tech at the U of M Bookstores in Coffman Memorial Union
  • Send us an email via our contact form
  • Call us at 612-626-9124