Veterinary Medicine


There are required supplies you will need prior to beginning your first year of veterinary school. To ensure you have everything you need and that they are of appropriate quality, we have selected specific materials and you must purchase the required supplies from the University of Minnesota bookstore. There are also several required supplies that can be purchased through the bookstore or from another store of your choosing, as well as required supplies that are not available through the bookstore and must be purchased elsewhere. Purchase of these supplies is required as part of your enrollment, and this payment is not included in the University payment system (i.e. will need to be paid separately). All supplies must be purchased by June 15th, 2024. Use coupon code VETMED2024 at checkout to receive 20% off through 6/15/24 (discount not valid on stethoscopes.).

Required supplies that must be purchased from the UMN Bookstore by June 30th:

  • Medical Supplies Bundle (choose left- or right-handed), includes:
    • Dissection kit
    • Penlight
    • Digital quick-read thermometer
    • ECG caliper
    • Pleximeter/reflex hammer
    • Practice suture
    • Safety glasses
    • Bandage scissors (choose left- or right-handed)
    • Needle driver
  • Nitrile exam gloves (1 box)
  • Surgical gown
  • Lab coat

Required supplies that must be purchased from the UMN Bookstore this fall:

  • Sterile surgical gloves (not currently available)
    • You will purchase these gloves after your open-gloving lab in the fall semester to ensure you purchase the correct size.

Required supplies that can be purchased from the UMN Bookstore or from the store of your choosing:

  • Surgical scrubs
  • Maroon scrub top or maroon polo shirt
  • Stethoscope (excluded from discounts)